Education Groups

Thank you for looking to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre for your school trip. We are here to provide educational outdoor programs that: value safety, are curriculum based, aid in social development, have students connected with nature, and inspire excitement. Mansfield Outdoor Centre has over 300 acres of beautiful Canadian forest and countryside that allows us to offer great nature based programs. Our programs are not only designed with the above 5 principles in mind but they have also been created to be easily adaptable to meet the needs of students and teachers of all grade levels.

On this page you can find two documents. The Trip Breakdown Booklet and the Booking Guide are there to act as guides when planning your trip to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre. In the Trip Breakdown Booklet you can find: information regarding our facilities, a typical trip itinerary, program descriptions, pricing, and the link to submit a booking request. The Booking Guide provides some great information like: our covid policies, waivers, dietary restriction forms, packing lists, room/ cabin layouts, and explains a bit of the arrival process.

Whether you are looking for a daytrip or an overnight adventure, the Mansfield Outdoor Centre works to enhance the school community and bring classrooms together.

Welcome to “The School, Outdoors.”

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